23 November 2006

Thanksgiving Mix

As Andrew and I sit in my kitchen, making various items for the Thanksgiving feast to be held here tomorrow, we've discovered that a mix of Postal Service, Madeleine Peyroux, k.d. lang, Rufus Wainwright, Patty Griffin, REM, Damien Rice, and (yes) INXS make for excellent inspiration.

I just thought y'all might be interested to know that.

What are we making, you ask? Well, the good people at Whole Foods sure did hook us up this year, providing everything from turkey to pumpkin pie, but A-man and I still whipped up a few goodies of our own. Currently, he's putting the finishing touches on some delightful deviled eggs with crabmeat filling, and I'm just about to clean the bowl that held the pre-baked ingredients for almond-chocolate dessert bars. I got the recipe off the internet.

The dessert bars, by the way, are in the trash can. The internet cannot always be trusted.

Except on this website. Sersiously, people. INXS is an excellent cooking soundtrack.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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