12 June 2007

The Hidden Message of The Cop Car

Oh snap, you guys. I might have to revise my list of bad-ass songs. Because there's no way we can even have that conversation without mentioning the bass-thumping brilliance of "Party Like a Rock Star."

Now I know this song didn't exactly hit the airwaves yesterday, but sometimes I get behind. (Like how my friend Kerri came up to me in March and was like, "Have you heard that song 'Irreplaceable?' It's awesome!" Or how I once told my parents that I loved this new band Simon and Garfunkel.)

Anyway, brand new or not, this song rules. Is there any beat this year more likely to make you shake your booty? I doubt it. Take a look/listen...

I mean, you've got all the ingredients for dance floor genius...

(1)Mindless sing-along chorus? Yes! It takes less than a second to get your mind around the refrain of "Party like a rock/Party like a rock star/(Yeeeeeah!)"

That means the hearing-to-memorization ratio is so small it practically doesn't exist. You've learned this song before you've even heard it once, and instantaneous catchiness is key to any smash hit.

(2) Hot beat? See above

(3) Lyrics that give you a bit of socio-political poignancy to deepen your fun?

Just consider this...

Party like a rock star
Do it with the black
and the white
Like a cop car

Me and my band
Out on a yacht
with Marilyn Manson
gettin' a tan,

Too true. Too true. If we could all do it with the black and the white like a cop car, maybe there would be less need for actual cop cars to break up racially-motivated fights.

And if the rap-rock of The Shop Boyz can live in yacht-based harmony with the goth of Marilyn Manson, then we may find peace at last.

Someday, may we all party like this kind of rock star.



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