14 April 2007

Trapped in Olde Tyme Brooklyn

It had to happen, I suppose. Last summer, my iPod started giving me the "sick face," and now it has died. All 2,000 songs have been erased.

However, the clock has managed to keep perfect time. Strange.

All in all, this has not been a great week for technology. Along with my iPod, Andrew's phone and cable box died. Oh, and the overhead light in my living room isn't working, but my landlords are out of town for the next week.

So here I am, sitting in the almost-dark with no iPod, dating someone with no phone and no cable.

Screw it, you guys. I'm going all the way Colonial House. Coming soon, my report on the latest fife and drum music from Goody Goode and her tunesmith sisters!



At 7:56 PM, Anonymous AdamH said...

Condolences for the iPod. :(

If you plan to replace it, look to see what Cowon offers. I have one of their CW200 players and the sound knocks the socks off my Nano.

Also, please tell me you've tried changing the light bulb(s) in your living room's overhead fixture? Checked all your circuit breakers/fuses? (I'm just sayin'...)

At 8:59 PM, Blogger Mark Blankenship said...

A good question, Adam, but I have changed the bulb and checked the fuse box. At least I still have lamps!


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