03 August 2006

I could get obsessed with these songs...

MTV should really play videos. LOGO does. And thanks to LOGO's video show, I just heard three great new songs. (Especially the third song on this list. You'll see what I mean.)

I also heard "SexyBack" from Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. I can live happily without ever hearing it again. C'mon, Justin! True, anything you do right now will get attention, but don't just phone it in with this formulaic crap! Don't give me vocals distorted by a computer like you're Cher in 1999! Don't give me breathy cooing on top of a tuneless beat!

Give me a melody. Give me actual singing. Give me something on par with "Rock Your Body!"

Enough about the bad news. Here are three songs worth checking out. Click on the title to hear a sample.

(1) "Mama's Room" by Under the Influence of Giants

I actually downloaded this in June, when it was the iTunes free single of the week, but it slipped off my radar. Now it's back. For those who can't wait for the fall release of the new Scissor Sisters album, this track will provide an equal dose of glam rock fun. You even get a coy collusion of sex and motherhood, a la the Sisters' "Take Your Mama." Nobody said a pop song had to be original to be fun, you guys. I'll take a good knock-off anyday, especially when it's as hummably cool as this. My booty doesn't know about originality. It just knows to shake.

(2) "Cheated Hearts" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I've been hearing about this band for several years. How could I not? Entertainment Weekly devotes at least two column inches to them every week. While I liked "Maps" and "Gold Lion" well enough, I was never more than a fan at a distance. This tune pulls me closer. It would sound perfect on a mix that includes Siouxsie and the Banshees and Shakespear's Sister: sonically dense, haunted by the lead singer's cool remove, and happy to deliver an amazing chorus. Why fight it?

(3) "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" by Cobra Starship (featuring a whole bunch of other people)

I'm not kidding. The theme to the century's most ironically appreciated movie just happens to be rock-awesome.

Trying to cook up the perfect jam? You'll need the following: Massive, sing-along chorus. Non-sequitur cursing. Dirty guitar licks. Perfectly timed use of backing female vocals.

And a rap breakdown after the second chorus, suckas.

"Snakes on a Plane" has all of the above.

Plus, it opens with Samuel L. Jackson talking about the motherf***ing snakes on the motherf***ing plane.

And on Cobra Starship's MySpace page? There's picture of him singer holding Gizmo from The Gremlins. I think it's a "him" and not a "them." The people are just guests from other groups, I think.

Like it matters. The important thing is that this song joins "Ain't No Other Man" as the absolute best sonic experience I've had all summer. Color me obsessed.



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