08 September 2006

Double your glam, double your fun

Hungry for seventies rock? Well, come join me at the buffet! These days, there's enough polyester jamming for everyone.

For one thing, Elton John's upcoming album "The Captain and the Kid," is a sequel to "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy." The latter is a Nixon-era masterpiece, and I'm excited to think that Elton could return to his blues-rock roots and leave behind the sound of Disney musicals and adult contemporary cooing. At least for a little while. Just long enough to let us step outside of the circle of life.

And remember a few weeks ago, when I suggested I could get obsessed with a band called Under the Influence of Giants?

People, it's happened. Color me fascinated.

Along with Scissor Sisters, UTIOG are part of a mini-revival of glam rock--blending shimmery bleeps with fierce guitar riffs, stirring whipped cream falsettos with rocky road wails, and forcing me to mix my metaphors.

UTIOG's music is fun, but it's complex. The songs may all sound like the seventies, but they don't all the sound the same. "Mama's Room" is a disco anthem, but "Got Nothing" owes a huge debt to Queen Then there's my favorite, "In the Clouds," which actually sounds like a harder version of Duran Duran. Which is 80s. But close enough.

(I know saying "harder version of Duran Duran" sounds crazy. Like saying "a doggier version of cats." But listen to "In the Clouds." Hear what I mean?)

Plus, as luck would have it, Scissor Sisters have a new album, "Ta-Dah," coming out later this month. Go here to experience their disco-fabulous new single, "I Don't Feel Like Dancing."

Now, on the surface, SS and UTIOG two bands seem very much the same.

Okay, fine. They seem the same on very deep levels, too. If I were tipsy or tired, I couldn't distinguish them.

But I think we've got room for both. What am I going to do? Get annoyed that two bands are making music in a genre I like? Where I'm from, that's called a blessing. So give praise.

P.S. -- For those of you with time to kill, check out this video for the new Scissor Sisters song. Jake Shears is pretty. So, so pretty.



At 9:11 PM, Anonymous AdamH said...

That Scissor Sisters song is great. The video's a bit odd, but then again what video isn't these days? That is if you even see a video on one of the non-country music channels....

I'll have to check the Scissor Sisters out.

At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Holtzwoman said...

I can't wait for the new Scissor Sisters album. Their last (first?) album was in heavy rotation for pretty much an entire 18 months. I mean, with lyrics like "you gotta wrap your fuzzy in a big red bow/ain't no sumbitch who's gonna treat you like a ho" how can you go wrong?


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