24 June 2007

It's Glamazon time

Update: I'm not on jury duty anymore. Having not been assigned to a trial--or even called out of the juror's lobby--my involvement with our legal system will now once again be limited to living with an ADA and watching episodes of "Law & Order: Original Flavor."

Update the Second: Did you know that the current number one show on American television is "America's Got Talent?"

And did you know that you really need to watch this week's episode?

Why? I'll tell you why. Because of The Glamazons.

A New York-based quartet of singing divas who pride themselves on being plus-sized and fabulous, The Glamazons will make their first appearance on "America's Got Talent" this Tuesday, June 26.

And why is this exciting? Because Andrew--yes, my Andrew--is arranging all their music. I won't give away anything else about what's going to happen, but suffice it to say that everything the ladies sing on the show will bear the genius stamp of New York's finest vocal coach and arranger. Okay, maybe I'm biased. But really, I'm not. He's the best.

Plus, Andrew's brother Dave is doing all The Glamazon's orchestrations.

So get your DVRs fired up, because it's time to record this series, y'all.



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