04 December 2006

Fame Audit: Gwen Stefani

Do you guys know the website Fametracker? It's excellent. The writers say snarky, smart things about pop culture that make me laugh and laugh like a little boy in breeches who just heard his grandmother say the word "boob."

And... could this be the best part?... sometimes I write for them. Like today. So head over there to read my "Fame Audit" of Gwen Stefani. (Here's a direct link.) It's like a blog post, but with more interesting formatting.


At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

I came here from Fametracker. You made excellent points about Ms. Stefani, but neglected to mention she has already spawned an annoying (less talented) doppleganger, one Stacy Ferguson.
My initial response to Fergie's solo effort was "but we already have a Gwen Stefani," whereas on hearing "Wind It Up" I almost said, "but we already have a Fergie."

This is giving me a headache.


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