26 December 2006

Updates, additions, and a little more Margaux

Hello all! Two shopkeeping things:

First, I'd like to repost the link to my "Chartological Readings" entry, since it seemed to be popular. I've just analyzed the chart of a reader named "Cheerleader," and it's fascinating. If you haven't had your pop chart read, write in! Just go here.

Also, due to a technological glitch and a few professional things that I cannot yet discuss--all good--I decided to take down my post about Christmas songs on "The Office." However, that also meant removing my admonition for everyone to check out the fabulous jewelry of "I Totally Hear That" reader Margaux Lange.

So let me say again... her jewelry is awesome. Check it out here.

And check out the similarly awesome work of my friend Kate. She's the one who told me that Margaux was reading this blog. (Margaux and I have never actually met, you see.)

Shopkeeping done, I must now go to bed. Soon, I'll be leaving Chattanooga to stay with Andrew's family in Michigan. Outstanding!



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