25 January 2007

EW shows the love

Well, if it weren't enough that The Times ran my story on "The Office," the good folks over at Entertainment Weekly just responded to it. You can read the interesting commentary on my story here.

You know what else happened today? I downloaded "Wincing the Night Away," the new album by The Shins. All in all, everything's coming up roses for the Markster.

For those of you who know The Shins, you'll already be familiar with their jangly pop, which is what Fountains of Wayne would sound like if they had stayed edgy instead of scoring a big fat hit with "Stacy's Mom." (I liked that song, so no offense to FoW. Just saying.)

I know some would call me a heretic for saying this, but I like The Shins' first album, "Oh, Inverted World," much more than their follow-up, "Chutes Too Narrow." Beside having a title that sounds like gay porn, "Chutes" feels blissed out and aimless to me. There's a dearth of hooks that command my attention, and I am busy, people. My attention's flickering away! If it's pop you're meant to be making, even if it's cool indie pop, then go ahead and stick in my brain.

Those songs from "Oh, Inverted World?" Stick in my brain like Post-Its. Have you heard "Girl, Inform Me?" Listen once, hum it forever. Same with "New Slang," which is the song that supposedly made Natalie Portman's character in "Garden State" stop being the prepubescent waif who would never, ever grow up and therefore force Zach Braff's character to realize that he has to deal with women and their very adult feelings.

(Oh, wait. That's not what happened. Porto stays mentally challenged, which makes her the perfect lust object for those men who want to succor their feelings of superiority and masculine power by only choosing girl-dolls as conquests. Give me Natalie-as-schemer in "Closer" any day.)

Anyway... what?

Right. New Shins. Full of great hooks. Plus, the music sounds a little bit different, but not radically so, than the last two records. Growth and familiarity all in one! Huzzah! (Listen to samples here.)



At 9:53 PM, Anonymous AdamH said...

Damn you for using an old EW cover! I got all excited about Buffy. :(


Congrats on the article and the good feedback.

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Brooke said...

Movin' on up!
Congrats, Mark! Getting the recognition you deserve.


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