26 June 2007

She's a Girl... and a Robot

Before we take another step, I need to tell you about "Girl Robot." Credited as the "first internet-based musical," "Girl Robot" is a series of short films about a, well, girl robot, who goes on a new adventure every month. Each film is essentially a music video for a song that is co-written by Merideth Clark (who plays the robot) and Ricky Marson (who directs).

But here's the kicker: These things are great. The songs are catchy, Merideth's vocals are lovely, and Ricky has a real knack for filmmaking. Plus, these people are funny, and their humor give the clips a satisfying bite.

In the second segment, for instance, GR is singing about how she's learning to love the rodents in New York City, and she's subtly playing with a computer mouse. The pun is there if you want it. No pressure. No expectations. (But you totally want it. Admit it!)

As you may have figured out, Ricky and Merideth are also my friends, which makes me even more excited to spread the word. So far, there are three "Girl Robot" installments, and I'd encourage you to start with number one, since they tell a loosely chronological story.



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