13 July 2007

Being Trans All The Time

So I've just published my first story in Time Out New York. It's a feature about transgender performance artist Scott Turner Schofield and his refusal to stop calling himself trans, even though he now passes for a biological man.

A 700 word feature doesn't give me room to dig into the issue with all the depth I'd like, of course, but I think it offers a nice jumping-off point for a conversation about labeling and identity within the trans community.

Hope you enjoy!



At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Diana M said...


I dont see why He should get flack for it. He's just expressing how he feels about his own self.

Sexual identity (and identity in general) is such a very personal and unique thing that I think it's sad when someone is brave enough to be open about it and gets criticised because they don't fit into the box.It must be really hard to talk about it at all.

Great article, thanks. Will have to check out his music.


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