22 July 2007

An "ITHT" Contest!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to come back from my hiatus with a contest.

That's right... you have the chance to win an actual prize by reading this post.

And that prize is a free copy of the book "The Psychology of The Simpsons," published by BenBella Books. (You can learn more about the book here.)

In a later post, I will actually review the book myself, but for now, I'm happy to facilitate giving copies of it away. Here's the deal: Watch the following clip of an episode from the show--which has all of its sound removed--then provide your own dialogue.

The five people who write the funniest new "scripts" for this scene will win the book, which will be sent to you directly from the publisher.

To enter, just e-mail me with your dialogue at mark@markgblankenship.com. I will be the sole judge of whose submissions are funniest, and I cannot be bribed! Also, if you know me personally, don't think that's going to get you any special favors. Bring your A game!

Submissions are due by Saturday, August 27. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 30. I will e-mail winners asking them to provide their mailing addresses for the publisher.

That's it. Have fun everyone!

Oh... and here's the clip...


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