20 May 2007

Thanks, Belinda!

As she so often does, Belinda Carlisle has saved the day.

You may remember from my last post that the first morning of my vacation to Delaware was kind of horrifying. Katy asserted that she has little sympathy for anyone who grouses about being on a trip, particularly one that involves free breakfast, but I'd submit that it's hard to have an enormous amount of perspective on these things when they're actually happening. But I've got perspective now, by God, and it's largely because the aforementioned former Go-Go helped turn my trip around. (It ended up being really, really fantastic. Rock on, Delaware!)

And the first great thing that happened? Just before mini-golf and my discovery of a pair of sunglasses that doesn't look askew on my slightly crooked nose?

I was on the radio! In Delaware! Requesting Belinda Carlisle!

You see, this radio station was playing an "All 80s Weekend," and the guy said they were looking for requests. So quick as a Wild West gunslinger, I pulled out my phone and dialed. I got in right away and spoke to the DJ.

Here's what was broadcast on the radio:

Mark: Hey! Are you taking 80s requests?

DJ: Sure thing! Whaddya got?

Mark: I would LOVE to hear "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

DJ: An 80s classic.

Belinda: Oooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

At this point, Andrew cranked up the radio, and we set to jamming. God, it was awesome.

And this got me thinking about how much I l-o-v-e "Heaven is a Place on Earth." Whenever I find a radio station that plays oldies, I kind of always hope they'll play that song.

To be bold, I'd say "Heaven is a Place on Earth" is one of my Top 10 Songs of the Eighties.

I know that's quite a statement, but I mean it.

A few qualifiers: When I say "top 10 songs of the eighties," I mean songs by artists whose careers didn't substantially exist in any other decades. Therefore, my top 10 does not include tracks by Madonna, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, or the like. Plus, I'm not allowing myself to include songs by groups whose lead singers were popular in the 90s. Therefore, no Wham! or The Smiths.

We're only talking songs by people who can be entirely contained within that magical decade of "Family Ties."

(Note: Deneice Williams had a number one hit in the 1970s. "Let's Hear It For the Boy" would otherwise make my list.)

Herewith is my entire Top 10. Which songs are in yours?

Mark's Top 10 Songs of the 80s (in alphabetical order by title)

"Buffalo Stance," Neneh Cherry

"(Don't You) Forget About Me," Simple Minds

"Don't You Want Me," Human League

"Heaven is a Place on Earth," Belinda Carlisle

"It Takes Two," Rob Base and D.J. E-Z Rock

"Kyrie," Mr. Mister

"Lean on Me," Club Nouveau

"St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)," John Parr

"Take on Me," a-ha

"Walking on Sunshine," Katrina and the Waves



At 6:18 AM, Anonymous katy said...

But you forgot these:

Pop Goes the World, by Men Without Hats

(and/or possibly Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats)

Rosanna, by Toto

Sister Christian, by Night Ranger

Bette Davis Eyes, by Kim Carnes

Actually, I'm not sure about Ms. Carnes -- she could have had a successful disco single career in the 1970s for all I know. My memory begins in 1980.

And what about Cyndi Lauper? That's a sad one, because one feels that Ms. Lauper should have had a longer career -- but isn't it safe to contain it within the 1980s?

I think from her work I'd have to choose ...Goonies 'R' Good Enough.

No, just kidding. Probably Time After Time or All Through the Night.

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous AdamH said...

Katy... I have the 45 of Goonies R Good Enough which I recently recorded to CD and then converted to MP3.. Want it? :D

I'd add Bananarama's "Venus" to the list.

Good picks, Mark, esp. the Simple Minds and Human League and a-ha. I'd throw in some Rick Astley, too, but I can't remember the titles of his hits.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Mark Blankenship said...

Katy... I feel you about the Cyndi Lauper. I even had "Time After Time" and "I Drove All Night" in various versions of my list. To be honest, I just couldn't let myself admit she was 80s-only. Even though she totally is. I decided that since she was in a Broadway show last year, she was exempt. I know I'm lying to myself, but I can't keep my feelings out of the picture altogether, you know?

And Adam, I love Rick Astley. I had a big crush on him because of the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up." It was totally the trench coat. But randomly enough, he had a top ten hit in America in 1991. It was called "Cry for Help." Crazy! So by the letter of my law, I couldn't let him on the list.

Are all these rules a little silly? Yes. Absolutely. But I think they make games like this a bit more fun. (Even if I flagrantly break them on behalf of Cyndi Lauper)

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Hamrick said...

Mickey by Toni Basil, that song is so awful that I love it.

Safety Dance by Men without Hats, one of my favoritest 80s bands ever.

Big Country by, um, Big Country... I think.

Our House by Madness. Happy, but also kinda sad depending on what mood I'm in when I listen.

She's Got the Look by Roxette. Always reminds me of Vicki "Wolf" Allen. Wish I knew what happened to her.

Kids in America by Kim Wilde. More synth goodness.

The rest I'm not sure meet qualifications or not...

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Featuring the 80's Tabernacle Choir. Doo doo doo DOO!

I Love Rock n Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan's the type of girl who'll punch you in the face, down a bottle of tequilla, then suck face with you - all in 30 seconds flat! Pure Awesome.

Whip It by Devo. Always liked the song, but the fact that its gonna be in the Transformers movie is just gravy.

Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions. If I were to pick one song to sum up all thats great about 80s hair metal, this would be the one.



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