04 May 2007

Another PoP post

Y'all, I went crazy and wrote about "Ugly Betty" over at PopPolitics. Wasn't expecting it. Just happened.

You can read my entry here.

And while I'm posting links, have you seen this video? It's worth it for the second time through, with subtitles.



At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

Ok, first of all that video was the best video I've ever seen. Second, though, I want to know what hte guy says after he says, "Miss Uggams, Miss Uggams, excuse me..." Do you think he said: "You just ruined the song?" Or maybe she was supposed to ruin it for some comedy bit? I have to know!

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous AdamH said...

Loved the video. I couldn't tell at first whether it was Liza Minelli or Lena Horne, but it turned out to be their love child.
( o/~ Love child/never meant to be o/~ ) ahem.

The subtitles were hysterical.

I'm still trying to figure out some best-ofs to suggest.


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